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    Where is House dance in Detroit? I have been going out quite regularly in the city for over 12 years and I have yet to see a strong presence of people that actually know how to dance to House music...
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    Wednesday May 21st Brian Kage @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI) Thursday May 22nd Matt Abbot @ RBHOA (1551 Winder, Detroit, MI) w/ Jerry Abstract, Bethany Shorb, Jeedo X. Free. Event Page Hyperactive @ Exodus (529 Monroe, Detroit, MI) w/...


Charivari is a very unique word, and it represents a very interesting movement in Detroit happening right now. Charivari is a new music festival in a city where music is a distinctly defining characteristic, and it’s lineup is comprised of only Detroit talent. Happening August 2nd and 3rd at Miliken State Park in Detroit at 1900 Atwater Street, this has makings of an amazing social gathering. With acts that represent talent from Detroit both legendary and cutting edge, the festival is poised to provide an experience that is truly unique to our city. Delano Smith, Kyle Hall, Terrence Parker, Mike Clark, Norm Talley, Eddie Fowlkes, DJ Psycho, Golf Clap and many, many more make a lineup that any Detroiter would die for… we have long known the treasure our city holds, and this festival is a true testament to the rich soil this land was built on.

There is something special about the name Charivari, and it seems to fit the city and the event perfectly. After some research about the peculiar name, I made some interesting discoveries. In Detroit, a legendary party series named Charivari created a cult following in the early 80s with the high school party scene, that supported and helped spawn some of the earliest electronic music. The term suggests that in earlier days the less influential people would voice their opinions through loud gatherings of people, where they would bang pots and pans, with a particular issue in mind. The goal of Charivari in the early European times, was to fascilitate change within the social structure with a loud demonstration in order to draw attention and engage the public. It was a means in which small communities established and upheld their identities, and it seems to have merged over to the modern artistic community. It is obvious how one could draw a comparison to the artistic movement, and the Detroit music festival with the same name seems to have been very well identified. With the artist base entirely from Detroit, it has a quality that no other festival of electronic music can claim. The lineup displays the plethora of talent available in this area, and it gives a generous amount of love to the less-mentioned genre of Detroit’s electronic music scene… House

For a little more history about the name, we delve into the catalogue of records produced in Detroit in 80′s. The short-lived group from Detroit ‘A Number Of Names’ was responsible for one of the first Techno releases in history, and it was named Sharevari. The name of the track Sharevari evolved from the legendary Charivari parties. The track name was altered slightly to avoid any possible conflict with the Charivari party promoters. The famous radio DJ The electrifying Mojo had a hand in naming the group, due to their extremely large number of contributors.

Music has always been the most influential form of information. The audience is engaged, the heart is open, and with those properties, real messages can be delivered. Music touches the soul, and is one of the only true links to the youth that isn’t suspiciously objected by the young people of today. The culture that develops out of music is a calling to a simpler time, and a more evolved time in the same breath. It is what is brings out that which is deep within us, but must be pounded out through the blocked up energy that we live with each day. It must be beckoned to escape the overloaded world of today’s constant information stream, and vibrated into one with the rest of the world that is willing to be present. These are the roots of social change, and they start with gathering, dancing, and loud noises. Don’t miss Charivari happening August 2nd-3rd at Miliken State Park.

Charivari Lineup

Detroit Party Planner

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stacey pullen

Stacey Pullen plays Grasshopper on Friday August 1st with a 5-hour set. Details to this and all the hottest events this week are below. Check out the Detroit Party Planner every week for the hottest events in the D!


Wednesday July 30th

Soul Goodman @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI) w/ Dabura

Dilemma @ 350 Terrace (350 Madison, Detroit, MI) w/ Mark Moss, Dru Ruiz

Thursday July 31st

Norm Talley @ Mix (641 Beaubian, Detroit, MI)

Mr Joshooa @ TV Lounge (2548 Grand River, Detroit, MI)

DJ Godfather @ Grasshopper (2548 Grand River, Detroit, MI) w/ Omega DJs

Erika @ Whiskey Disco (2 John R, Detroit, MI) w/ CASH4GOLD

Acid Pimp @ Exodus (529 Monroe, Detroit, MI) w/ Means and Ends, Raw Wave

Friday August 1st

Stacey Pullen @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI)

Evan Rhodes @ Whiskey Disco (2 John R, Detroit, MI) w/ Felton Howard, Midnite Jackers

Dru Ruiz @ Temple Bar (2906 Cass, Detroit, MI) w/ Jerry Downey, Ponchartrain

J Flame @ The Works (1846 Michigan, Detroit, MI) w/ Wiggle, and many more

Saturday August 2nd

SCP Backpack Music Festival @ Belle Isle Sheds 19 and 20 (1 Inselruhe Street, Detroit, MI) w/ Juan Atkins, Al Ester, Brittany Sconey, House Gallery,  Daniel Andres, Minx, Jenny La Femme, Chuck Flask, Shake, Stacey Hale, and many more. 8am-8pm. More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/708004519241521/

Charivari Music Festival @ Miliken State Park (1900 Atwater St, Detroit, MI) w/ Delano Smith, Eddie Fowlkes, Mike Clark, Kyle Hall, Golf Clap, and many more

Ataxia @ The Works (1846 Michigan, Detroit, MI) w/ Golf Clap, and many more

Eric Johnston @ Whiskey Disco (2 John R, Detroit, MI) w/ Nesto, Jeremy Poling

PRGRM @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI) w/ Maci Delaghetto, Randy

Disclosure @ Freedom Hill (14900 Metro Parkway, Sterling Heights, MI) w/ Kevin Saunderson, Schoolboy Q, Erno The Inferno

Designer Drugs @ Club Fantasy (6060 W Fort, Detroit, MI) w/ Bommer, We Bang, Megladon, and many more

Sunday August 3rd

Charivari Music Festival @ Miliken State Park (1900 Atwater St, Detroit, MI) w/ Delano Smith, Eddie Fowlkes, Mike Clark, Kyle Hall, Golf Clap, and many more

Rex Sepulveda @ Northern Lights (660 W Baltimore, Detroit, MI) w/ Mr Joshooa, Dru Ruiz, John Johr

danny wild

Danny The Wild Child plays at The Works on Friday w/ Freaky Flow and many more. Presented by Nightsneak and Dirty 313ctronic.

Friday July 25th

Danny The Wild Child + Freaky Flow @ The Works (1846 Michigan, Detroit, MI)

The Swiss @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI)

Donald Joseph @ Whiskey Disco (2 John R, Detroit, MI) w/ Stones n Bones, Ricky Kallis, Lauren Vellucci, Brent Scudder

Saturday July 26th

Blank Code Scene 23 @ The Works (1846 Michigan, Detroit, MI) w/ DJ Hyperactive, Deraout, Angel Alanis

Jkriv @ Whiskey Disco (2 John R, Detroit, MI) w/ Aaron Dae

Stacey Hotwaxx Hale (live w/ Nyumba Muziki) @ TV Lounge (2548 Grand River, Detroit, MI) w/ CASH4GOLD, DJ Skeez, Holographic, Munk, Suspence

G Smoove & Malik Alston @ Motor City Wine (1949 Michgan, Detroit, MI)

Kenneth Thomas @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI) w/ RJ Pickens

Sunday July 27th

Crazy Larry @ TV Lounge (2548 Grand River, Detroit, MI) w/ Reno, Mr. Joshooa,

DJ Dez @ 350 Terrace (350 Madison, Detroit, MI) w/ DJ Skeez, DJ Jefferson, Peter Croce

Coconut Babylon @ Motor City Wine (1949 Michigan, Detroit, MI)

Monday July 28th

DJ Holographic @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI)

Tuesday July 29th

Eddie Logix – Back Pages Record Release @ Grasshopper (22757 Woodward, Ferndale, MI) w/ Nicky Stix, Farenheit 2040

Wednesday July 30th

Dink and TerranceK @ Necto (516 E Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI) w/ Holographic, Ayinde Audio