Evil Incantations: Devils Night @ The Bohemian; John Acquaviva, Terry Mullan, Terrence Parker and all kinds of evil shit@ Blakout!

Alex Calhoun —  November 2, 2009 — 1 Comment

Halloween on a weekend, it doesn’t get much better than that. In between the zombie attacks, virgin sacrifices, and monster hunts, we found plenty of time to make it to the D for some electronic mayhem.
Friday night we made it down to the Bohemian for the Bang Tech 12 Annual Devils Night Party. In case your not familiar, some of Detroit’s best and brightest night fiends dress and and perform as some of electronic musics greats(and not-so-greats). The costumes at this party were great, I was laughing my ass off all night. Some highlights of the evening were Craig Huckaby as Grandmaster Flash, Disciple as Tupac, Ronin Selecta as Carl Craig, and my personal favorite, Jit Wiggins as Vanilla Ice. Dude had that shit straight down to the shaved lines in the side of the head(see video below). The overall vibe of this party was great, and although the guys bathrooms was a tad foul(no toilets, just shower stalls), it made for an interesting evening.
Saturday night found us at Bert’s Warehouse for Blakout. I have been excited for this party for some time, and I was definitely not disappointed, this event went off great. The layout of the rooms was dope, although I found myself in the back room for most of the night. Some of the costumes were off the chain. My favorites in mo particular order were: Oscar the Grouch, complete with trash can, Squirt as a Ghostbuster, with a working proton pack, and that creepy fuckin’ rabbit thing from Donnie Darko, straight up scary shit yo! I saw great sets from Terry Mullan and John Acquaviva, the tracks were on the ravey side, although they fit perfectly with the vibe of the party. However, the best set of the whole night was Mr. Terrance Parker, dude was on fire! If you were at this party and missed his set, you missed out big. I missed DJ Dan, but I imagine he was great, I’ve never seen him suck. My only complaint was the lack of ventilation; by 4, were were tapped out due to the lack of oxygen. Big ups to all the people who said what up to Sasquatch throughout the evening. Hope everyone had an evil fucking weekend, here’s a shitload of video to bring you up to speed in case you missed out. Peace.
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One response to Evil Incantations: Devils Night @ The Bohemian; John Acquaviva, Terry Mullan, Terrence Parker and all kinds of evil shit@ Blakout!

  1. I must say that although the great costumes and decent crowd made it interesing, the Blakout party lacked a cohesive vibe and had a generally low energy level (regardless of the insane bass). You couldn't see any of the djs on the main stage (who all sounded strangely similar btw) and there was no indication of who was playing when. The party could have used an emcee or at least one deejay shouting WHAT UP DETROIT?! or some sort of human interaction i mean 'cmon its freakin Halloween. Acquaviva's set was tired and lacked the buildups and breakdowns, that ebb and flow of his best sets. Terry mullin was playing that same played-out style until the second half of his set when he got into some distinctly acid tracks. the DJs at the main stage could have been anyone really and i dont think the party would have changed a bit. Had a fine time, lots of fun but it needed a human voice to hype things up, keep it exciting. I second the opinion that TP's set was the best all night, though that long-curly-haired guy who went on later at that same stage was my second fav for grime and originality.

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