DTH Podcast Ep.4- Bsides & Edits

Chris Macom —  February 15, 2011 — 3 Comments

It is cold out there and everything is trashed.  The only fragments of musical life we can see are hidden inside broken down buildings with Motown 45s in a suitcase but it’s a little cold for adventuring.  So blessed be the internet.  Blessed be garage sales.  Bless Craig and his list.  The ability to equip yourself is here.  They can take our turntables away and give us fancy computers as replacements but nothing beats the vinyl baby.  I see you listening to your ipods and so do I but best believe if a Technic had a headphone jack and ran on batteries Id be sportin that shit.  You can throw stones at glass houses but shouldn’t throw stones at Walter Glasshouse.  He likes electro and so do I.  If you did that then I would steal all your vinyl and copper.  This is no good for you my friend.  Me and you both must listen to this episode of the DTH podcast to accumulate good merit.


Chris Macom


Chris Macom is a DJ, producer, and writer in the Detroit Metro area. Growing up in the 90's, Chris grew fond of electronic music and started collecting vinyl and DJing. Now, as a founder of both Detroit Techno House and Lost Science, Chris hopes to share with the world his experiences through music and writing.
February 2011
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3 responses to DTH Podcast Ep.4- Bsides & Edits

  1. I really like what you doing here. I would love to provide you with some music showcasing the history of house music through the eyes of Detroits legends. Walter, Daniel, Audio Logical Hit me up.

  2. Good job guys…school ’em.

  3. I’m trying to search for a techno track mixed in on the new dance show at cooley high. Its mixed in from 3:00. I have to know this tune!

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