Movement 2011: Sunday Review (Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Craig, Delano Smith)

Alex Calhoun —  May 30, 2011 — 2 Comments

I love Sunday at Movement. It’s the peak of the festival, everyone’s party vibe is going full steam, and I know that the best after parties of the weekend are awaiting me when I leave Hart Plaza that evening. This Sunday was another battle with fickle Michigan weather, but the talent that filled the line-up, and the party attitude of the crowd made it almost unnoticeable. We made a point to show up early, avoid the lines (see yesterday’s post), and enjoy some of the amazing artists that were playing earlier in the day.

Our first stop was the Made in Detroit stage to catch some house vibes from Mike Brown. This guy is a staple of the whole mid-west house scene in my opinion, and I have always enjoyed his opening sets at the various Radio Skool parties in Detroit. Mr. Brown was bringing some proper house music that had the crowd breaking in their dancing shoes for the afternoon.

We next made our way down the check out Mark Flash at the Vitamin Water stage. This was one of the reasons I showed up early yesterday. When Mark Flash does a live set, you know he’s going to bring some of that amazing musical talent that is UR with him. His set started of with some raw Detroit techno, and then he brought out a a keyboard player and a saxophonist, and just blew it up. Detroit techno of the Los Hermanos variety! I was really surprised this was scheduled so early, as the crowd was sparse at this point, and alas I believe this set was lost on many of them. I hope you caught it, a definite treat.

We made it back to the Made in Detroit stage and caught the end of Minx’s set. A mix of house that was both soulful and jackin’ at the same time. Perfect follow up for Mike Brown, as the house heads were swarming by now. Immediately followed by Detroit’s own John Collins. This man is a true House legend in Detroit, and he definetly brought the tracks to assert his status. A mix of house, techno, and real electro, all with that unique Detroit flavor. Awesome!

At one point I wandered downstairs and walked past DeepChord presents Echospace. I wish I wasn’t so excited to get back to John Collins, as I could of checked out these guys for a little while. Super spacey, dubbed out techno with lots of analog hiss, almost reminded me of some mid-nineties Orb.

We made our way over to the Red Bull stage next to check out Soul Clap’s set. They dedicated their set to Gil Scott-Herron, a true musical legend who passed last week. Appropriately they started off with a edit of a classic Herron track. Now I really wanted to hear this set, but the rain started, the crowd started moving towards the tent at the Red Bull stage (we remembered umbrellas this time!), and I was getting jostled just enough to retreat to better sanctuary. I hope I can find a copy of this set online soon, because I’m really bummed I missed it.

We made it down to the Vitamin Water stage next to catch Ricardo Villalobos, the mysterious “secret artist” as billed by Paxahau. I know that Ricardo can bring it, as I’ve seen him do in the past, but this set was lost on me. The sound sucked (sounded like they had a blown speaker), but, that’s Movement. There is always some disappointment with the satisfaction.


Made it over to the Beatport stage and caught a very brief slice of the hot techno from Martin Buttrich’s set, but we were on the move for re-grouping and re-hydration outside of Hart Plaza. When we were walking down the river front, next to the Redbull stage, we heard a little bit of Beardyman. That shit sounded crazy! Dude did a crazy live cover of Old Dirty Bastard that had the crowd hype as hell!

After feeling refreshed and revived, we made it back in for Gaslamp Killer. I’ve heard some DJ mixes in the past, and they’re always eclectic as hell, and tend to delve into some more left-field territory. He started off his set with a sample-heavy bass massacre! Lots of bottom end that had the Dubstep kids going wild. Definitely some craziness, but not my particular forte’, I was hoping for something a little weirder.

I finished off my evening with some more house hotness courtesy of of Mr. Delano Smith. All I can say is very proper. Way to show everyone how Detroit does house music.

I missed Carl Craig but was excited to start hitting up the afterparty circuit. After much research, we were super pumped to make it out to the Bohemain National home for a true Detroit party. But much to our chagrin, we pulled down Butternut street to a Detroit Police car and no party. Damn, foiled again.

After re-analyzing the whole situation, we scooted up Woodward to The Magic Stick, and danced the night away to a steamy mix of nu-disco and funky, sexy deep house music from Lee Foss. All of the heads were there, and we almost made the Alley Deck fall off the building. What a great night.

Well, after an amazing day of electronic music Sunday, I’m raring to go again. See ya’ll down there today.

Alex Calhoun


Alex Calhoun is a writer, vinyl collector, and lover of all things odd and electronic. He currently lives in the Detroit Metro area.
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2 responses to Movement 2011: Sunday Review (Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Craig, Delano Smith)

  1. Great post Alex! you captured the essence of the fest and all the little things that most butt-heads miss completely. As far as Carl Craig, I would say it was good but not great…some hi-points, but also some lulls. The AUX 88 show at the Redbull stage was a true Detroit experience, with banging electro and a view of the river to help it go down smooth. Hope to see you kids back here tomorrow for my review of the final day of Movement 2011. Now back to the rave!

  2. Lee Foss was the motherf**king man! Killed it. Wish it had gone longer.

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