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Chris Macom —  June 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

I think it’s funny when people talk negatively about Detroit and treat it like a nuclear wasteland. When you ask these people about the last time they were in Detroit they say, “Oh, I’ve never been to Detroit”. This isn’t surprising at all. If you’ve been to Detroit and spent time in this city you’d know it is far from a waste. Sure, most of it is run down and may look like a giant dumpster. The thing people fail to realize though is that there are people who live and survive here everyday, and these people are not a waste.

Detroit’s people are some of the greatest in this country. They are lively and full of passion despite countless downfalls and abandonment. While working in the city delivering ice cream carts I have come across many people. They are always more than willing to help me out, and I usually end up engaging in some type of personal conversation with them. Even the homeless can be quite friendly. One time I had a guy approach me and I thought he was going to ask me for money. It turned out that he was just interested in talking to me about the ice cream business and tell me about when he used to work with one of our competitor companies. He never asked me for any money but did ask if we were hiring.

People in Detroit want to work. They want to clean up the city and open businesses. They want to start their music careers, open up beauty salons, open restaurants, and learn trades. They want a giant place to party at with DJs that play into the early morning. It’s hard to do these things when you have $0 and the world has abandoned you.

Not many people care about the city anymore. I think most want it wiped off the map. The government within it is super corrupt. Remember Kwame? Most people are leaving and have been doing so for the last 30 years. There is hardly any nightclubs or spots to throw a proper event at. Detroit has been abandoned and the worst thing is the worlds poisonous attitude towards it.

This stay away mentality is what is hurting the city the most. Try going to Detroit and spending your money at an independently owned establishment instead of some corporate giant. We can be the ones to clean this place up. The young people are Detroit’s hope. All the kids who disobeyed their parents, escaped from their suburban cages, and went raving are moving back to the D. If enough people would adopt the mentality of these people and other “urban farmers”, we could make this city into an urban utopia.

Chris Macom


Chris Macom is a DJ, producer, and writer in the Detroit Metro area. Growing up in the 90's, Chris grew fond of electronic music and started collecting vinyl and DJing. Now, as a founder of both Detroit Techno House and Lost Science, Chris hopes to share with the world his experiences through music and writing.
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