Will Ableton bring it “Live” in Version 9? [UPDATED]

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For the last few years Ableton Live has been the go to software for electronic music producers, DJs, and live performers. With its unique way of arranging various music parts and minimal styled interface, it’s a techno producers dream. For those of us in the music making world it is impossible for Live to go unnoticed. If you haven’t used it, then you’ve seen your buddy use it. The fact is that Live pushes the standard and even if you don’t use it, it affects you and the development of all other music software, gear, and the sounds they produce.

Over time the software has received many updates. Advancing the way samples are warped, adding effects, and instruments are some of the main things that have been spiced up. Everything up to this point has largely remained the same and it is not looking like it will be much different. That is not necessarily a bad thing since they have such a good thing going. Some updates are most definitely needed though.

Hopefully Ableton will listen to their users since they are the ones that know what Live needs. So what do they have to say? First off, one of the most requested things I’ve heard has been for multiple monitor support. It would be amazing to see the clip view as well as the session view and have more room for effect racks. Secondly, they need to improve the mixer. I’ve heard countless producers claiming they can’t get levels right and end up exporting everything to another DAW for a final mix. Third, automation can be a pain in the ass. The lack of drawing in a curve can prove hard for tweaking things precisely. So, will they listen? We will find out soon enough.

Ableton Live 9 is rumored to be released soon. This is believed mostly from the leaked video highlighting some of the new features, which was quickly removed from the web. Luckily some random people re-uploaded it elsewhere. An official release date has yet to be revealed. Check out the video below.

The video for Live 9 doesn’t really show us much special and nothing that is being requested by the user base was talked of. The only thing the video described was effects. There is a new compressor, an updated EQ, and a gate. Big deal. Although this video is the first thing we’ve seen of the new version, I’m sure Live will have some other updates as well. Hopefully since it has been over 3 years since a full update.

New software comes out all the time, and the new Ableton Live could be just around the corner. Studio One by Presonus is gaining great popularity and the latest version of Reason has been grabbing up a ton of new clientele. Bitwig, a DAW in development, has seen a lot of talk amongst forum members and musicians alike. It has the same clip based sequencing of Ableton with many other elements that Ableton users and DJs would love. Will it be the Live killer? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to DTH for updates on Ableton Live version 9, and let us know in the comments what you would like to see.

Update (11/1/12)

A plethora of new features have just been announced as well as a complete overhaul of Ableton.com. With these new features things are starting to look very promising for this update.

The coolest thing is the announcement of Push. It is a new controller created specifically for Live by Akai Pro. The difference between this and other grid based controllers is that Ableton claims there are new ways to play chords and melodies using the pads as well as full sequencing abilities. Pretty much you will be able to control everything in Live without the use of other controllers while minimizing starring at the laptop and mousing around. See in the video below half of the grid is used for step sequencing chords while the other half is used to trigger clips. Nice touch. Encoders with digital display and a touch strip should also prove to be quite interesting as well. It also looks to be built decently rugged and just looks plain sexy.

Along with the controller, other aspects have been revealed as well. Automation has been reworked to be able to create curves as well as saving automation into clips. Browsing has been updated to quickly help you find what your looking for. MIDI editing has also been tweaked to include the ability to transfer audio into MIDI to capture a groove from a sample. Interesting. With these updates, the new version is proving to be the update we are all looking for. Also, if you act now, you can purchase Live 8 for 25% off and it includes a free upgrade to 9. Check out Ableton.com to purchase and for more info.


Chris Macom


Chris Macom is a DJ, producer, and writer in the Detroit Metro area. Growing up in the 90's, Chris grew fond of electronic music and started collecting vinyl and DJing. Now, as a founder of both Detroit Techno House and Lost Science, Chris hopes to share with the world his experiences through music and writing.
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