RVSD: Keeping Vinyl DIY

Alex Calhoun —  July 23, 2013 — 1 Comment

4472708 300Many of us still yearn for the days when vinyl records were the standard format, 1200’s the standard tool, and learning to mix actually meant something more than simply pushing a “sync” button. Yeah, vinyl still exists as a niche for audiophiles and lovers of warm analog sounds, but is far from its heyday in electronic music. For many that dare to foray into cutting records for a techno one-off, a avant-garde experiment, or a super limited edition banger, getting your cuts to wax can be an expensive venture, with the minimum records being required for an order far exceeding the demand. I know people sitting on heavy stacks of records they had pressed long ago, but never found a proper market for. To fill this void of limited run records cutting outfits, in enter RVSD.

RVSD is a super limited edition record cutting company run by well-known Windsor/Detroit IDM and techno artists Kero and Annie Hall. The venture has already produced records for Kyle Halls Wild Oats label, as well as Detroit techno label Blank Code. According to RVSD’s website they produce small runs of “1-50 handmade records in clear or black 12”. They even released an odd 5” record for Kyle Hall this past Record Store Day.

This is one of those local type projects I get very excited about.  Vinyl production is a craft that seems to die out more each passing day. It’s wonderful to see two people delve into a creative, DIY business venture that also serves to empower others who want to see their musical/creative/art project into physical being. As a vinyl collector, I also love limited run anything. It’s awesome to see a company like RDSV keeping me excited about my obsession.

Alex Calhoun


Alex Calhoun is a writer, vinyl collector, and lover of all things odd and electronic. He currently lives in the Detroit Metro area.
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  1. I did not know that! Again an education for free

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