Record Labels and the Success of Techno: Metroplex

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metroplexLooking into the history of techno, house, electro and other forms of dance music, many record labels can be seen as pioneers of bringing the right music to the right crowds at the right time. Detroit Techno only had a few labels in its beginnings, but they were able to introduce techno to the minds of many who made it a phenomenon across the U.S., Europe and other places abroad. One label that was particularly ahead of its time was Metroplex Records.

Metroplex was a brainstorm of techno innovator Juan Atkins in 1985. Many Metroplex releases have been Atkins recording under different monikers such as Model 500, XXX and Infiniti such as the now legendary track “No UFOs”. Metroplex has also released Detroit Techno classics by artists like Eddie Fowlkes, Anthony “Shake” Shakir and Aaron Carl. At one time, Metroplex shared a block with Transmat and KMS records, making up the now mostly vacant “Techno Boulevard” in the heart of Detroit. Metroplex also had a sub-label of Interface Records on the 1990’s that released a string of underground electro and booty tracks.

model 500 no ufos
Like many of its Detroit counter parts, Metroplex still exists to some extent, though not releasing nearly as many tracks as its heyday in Detroit Techno lexicon. In recent years, Metroplex has put out the haunting techno EP “Platform View” by Kimyon as well as remixes of “Starlight” by Model 500, continuing the labels legacy of releasing super spacey techno and electro. I hope labels like Metroplex never die, as they serve a greater cause, bringing real electronic music that embodies the spirit that is Detroit Techno to dance music fans all around earth and beyond.

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Alex Calhoun is a writer, vinyl collector, and lover of all things odd and electronic. He currently lives in the Detroit Metro area.
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