Has The Bubble Burst?

Chris Macom —  July 31, 2013 — 1 Comment

bubbleYes, it has, but it doesn’t matter. With “EDM” charts containing tracks that sound exactly the same, it reminds me somewhat of the current state of the film industry. When something catches on, both just keep reproducing the same ideas and stretch them way too thin. On a financial level maybe the bubble hasn’t burst, but on a musical and artistic level it definitely “popped” and went corporate.

One good thing about this, more people are looking underground for their music than ever before. While band wagon jumpers are being consumerised, others previously into EDM that broke through their conditioning are broadening horizons and discovering that house, techno, and hardcore music has been striving in the underground of big cities across the world since before they were born. Many musicians who grew up producing on computers are now looking into analog gear and digital DJs are getting into turntables and vinyl. This hipsterish movement created from the burst proves that a lot of people are getting sick of “mousing around” all day and wish to experience art socially and more organically then the cold, computer screened yesteryear.

Please remember, electronic music will always exist in the underground despite what is happening on the surface. The theory that pop culture vultures will start getting more into bands then DJs is something that should be left for people in suits to think about so they can alter their marketing plan accordingly. Our techno bubble will never burst because it was built on a strong foundation with a hammer of thunder.

On an EDM level the bubble has burst, and now the corporate world is scooping up as much as they can from its mushroom cloud and adding it to their bubble. They will periodically tweak their formula to make people think things are changing when they are only being spoon fed the same recycled crap. This will only prolong their own bubble being popped because one day musicians will actually control the music. One day….

Chris Macom


Chris Macom is a DJ, producer, and writer in the Detroit Metro area. Growing up in the 90's, Chris grew fond of electronic music and started collecting vinyl and DJing. Now, as a founder of both Detroit Techno House and Lost Science, Chris hopes to share with the world his experiences through music and writing.
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