Electronic Reminiscence- Under The Bridge

Alex Calhoun —  August 13, 2013 — 8 Comments

IMG 6727There are a lot of venues that have housed techno, house and other electronic music on and off over the years in Detroit that stand out in my mind. Being a child of the late 90’s to Early 2000s rave culture, one spot, based on its mysticism in Detroit electronic music at the time, and the fact that a ton of off the hook parties went down there, stands out in my psyche. This venue is the shipping warehouse under the Ambassador Bridge on the banks of the Detroit River, often called “The Bridge Spot” or “Under The Bridge”

If you have been privileged to party here, take some time to really think about the location. You were partying on the edge of an international border, with a close view of the bridge connecting the US to Canada. Listening to techno and looking up to see lines of cars crossing the border was always trippy. For some reason, I always seemed to end up at some amazing Jungle parties here that went well into the daylight.

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I visited “Under the Bridge” earlier this summer with Walter Glasshouse. Not much to see anymore. With the constant “terrorist” fear that infects US borders, this venue is now off 20130812 192706limits to your average citizen. Barbed-Wire fences and Homeland Security signs now surround the warehouse. The street and block of buildings that shielded the “Bridge Spot” from view have been razed, leaving the area almost unrecognizable. Maybe this is part of the mystique of this place, one of those spots that exist only in the existential memories of electronic music heads, a truly underground venue that could have only existed in its unique place and time.

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Alex Calhoun


Alex Calhoun is a writer, vinyl collector, and lover of all things odd and electronic. He currently lives in the Detroit Metro area.
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8 responses to Electronic Reminiscence- Under The Bridge

  1. I remember cops coming there and turning there lights on while everyone danced around the police car! Good times!

  2. “Everyone please continue to get your groove on…”

  3. Ahh good times…

  4. My very first rave was here.. Mind blowing! Had to have been the summer of 1999.. I’ll never forget it.

  5. I remember the whole Rabbit in the moon got thier gear stolen story.Also, I remember the bikers working security well into the dawn.

  6. Anyone remember Tight 2?

  7. I do remember the cops showing up there with their lights on and everyone thought that it was getting rated, then the cops got on the loud speaker and said everyone lets party!!!!! The whole party started going crazy and there were people dancing on the cops cars!! Best time of my life dwn there and was there for every party!! Great times !!

  8. Yeah the cop’s May have came to the party but if you didn’t from them off thay wouldn’t bother you.

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