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The electronic music scene in Detroit has weathered a tremendous storm over the past decade or so, and appears to have made it out alive, if not stronger. Detroit is ready for a resurgence. The base is there, the foundation of an intelligent and creative culture is present and still very active. This population serves as a wonderful market for a vast array of artistic events. I have seen the time when electronic music was in its beginnings and it had a ton of support. I have seen a time when the platform for the scene was depressed by the situations of Detroit, and now, I see a new generation. In some ways, I see the new movement as a bit of an evolution. Now I will never say that living in the time when Techno was literally birthed inside your city could ever be comparable to any other experience, but I will say that this new Detroit is something special. Nothing will ever be what it was, but that isn’t the point. The point is to move forward, and I have seen that in a lot of ways. I have seen young people invest their time and effort into a city that desperately needs youth, and investment. I have seen a group of individuals create a community, and actually share relevant and useful knowledge. I have also seen a lot of people having fun. Now look, I am not saying that all events and artists are great, because they aren’t, but the forum for creativity and the existence of a population that wants to create is a beautiful thing…It makes life more interesting. Now, the free market and the Techno gods will dictate what thrives, but there is always room for those who care enough to contribute properly.

Detroit now has a decent representation of music within many genres for the world to consume. It is also supported by a substantial number of dedicated fans that truly know the music. I’m not saying this is New York or Chicago where every night is an amazing lineup at numerous venues, but I am saying that Detroit is cool and getting cooler… Independent music is beginning to pop up everywhere and the creative entrepreneurial spirit is present. I just found myself being overwhelmed with the amount of events and the choices I had to make about attending which party, or parties. The thought of a multiple-party Detroit night is something I mostly reserve for Movement weekend, but I am not complaining about having a plethora of quality options to enjoy. I would name venues but we all know where the stuff goes down at, and if you don’t, read the Detroit Party Planner (my weekly post about the best events around town.)

So yeah, Detroit is kinda bangin’ right now and I like it. Sure, the majority of events have moved into the clubs, but I think that this is a part of the evolution of the scene and Detroit has done a decent job of making this transition. Besides, our clubs are pretty “interesting”, and if the music is on point who cares where it is? Additionally, the technology of sound equipment has come to the point where the quality of the fans listening experience has skyrocketed. A good system and a good sound guy, plus one of the many great artists in this city, equals a win for the people of Detroit. It seems that the legend of our storied past with the electronic sound may finally be seeing its lovechild grow up. There’s a lot of smart and talented people doing cool things in Detroit, and that is a history worth repeating if you ask me.



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Walter Glasshouse is a DJ, Writer and Promoter from Detroit, Michigan. Follow him on Twitter @DJGlasshouse and at He runs a monthly at the Grasshopper in Ferndale, and he loves showcasing Detroit's unique talent base. His DJ sets go all the way from house music to trip-hop, and it's all done with soul and turntablism. Walter also performs as an emcee under the name AudioLogical . He's a little busy, but he loves to write and share his love for music here.
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