Movement 2014, DEMF, and FEMT?

Chris Macom —  November 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

DEMFWhat the hell is going on? So apparently there are now three festivals being thrown this next year in Detroit. Carol Marvin, producer of the original Detroit Electronic Music Festival and owner of the DEMF name has announced that she is resurrecting the festival. It will not be held at Hart Plaza though and has nothing to do with Movement which will be held once again this year, same time and same place. Marvin’s event will be held in Campus Martius during Fourth of July weekend and will be free of charge. Details on what to expect at the event are slim, but she claims an artist lineup will be available early next year.

The second festival will be called FEMT, and the F definitely doesn’t stand for free. It is the Federation of Music Technology festival and will feature Underground Resistance and two of Juan Atkins’ earlier projects, Model 500 and Cybotron. This event will be held at Ford field and will cost a whopping $300. VIP tickets are also available for the modest price of $1500. Oh yeah, and it will also be held on Fourth of July weekend as well. Okay.

So two festivals, same time, one free, one expensive. I’m really not sure what to think about all this. DEMF coming back and being free is cool, that is if the lineup is good. FEMT might be okay but damn, $300! Either way it’s good to see things being done in Detroit and it becoming relevant in the global festival community and such. I guess we’ll have to see how everything plays out as the events draw closer.

Chris Macom


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  1. This article by Real Detroit explains the differences between DEMF and FEMT:

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