Pioneer Vinyl Turntable Concept

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Lots of talk and rumors going around lately about new vinyl turntables being released by Pioneer. A few prototypes have been spotted in the wild and people are already drooling, dissing, and whatevering over them. With Technics still very accessible for $600 and under, it is hard to imagine Pioneer, known for sub-par build quality on their CD turntables, coming out with a Technics contender. Can they do it? Yes. Will they do it? Questionable.

It’s a little easier for a company to throw digital technology into a plastic shell, but with turntables able to pick up vibrations through the platter and needle, it is integral for the build to be solid. Pioneer isn’t dumb and they know this. Their gear can be found in most clubs around the world, and they do put their stuff through real world tests, so it’s hard to imagine they will fuck that up.

The price will most likely be the main problem they will have to deal with. If they make a badass turntable that is just as good as the Technics and it is $1000 then most will just buy the Technics instead. What can set them apart could be the inclusion of extra functions like MIDI, a USB hub, or other extended computer functionality.

Pioneer is really good at getting in the right people’s pockets, which could make this table a significant game changer if they play their cards right. Many DJs and connoisseurs including the youth are still interested in vinyl and vinyl turntable technology which means big money for a company willing to take a risk with older tech. I hope they do because two Pioneer tables next to my 900 Nexus will look pretty sexy. Also, having all Pioneer gear in the booth will prevent night clubs from being accused of perpetratin’.

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Chris Macom is a DJ, producer, and writer in the Detroit Metro area. Growing up in the 90's, Chris grew fond of electronic music and started collecting vinyl and DJing. Now, as a founder of both Detroit Techno House and Lost Science, Chris hopes to share with the world his experiences through music and writing.
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