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Movement Electronic Music Festival has begun and Detroit is alive with Techno steadily resonating through every fiber of the city.

The annual Memorial Day weekend festival is a precisely curated festival from the Paxahau event crew, aimed at the deeply knowledgeable Techno fan, but also providing a diverse array of electronic music acts from Drum N Bass (Ed Rush and Optical) all the way to live bands (Will Sessions Feat. Amp Fiddler). Day one is in the books, but there are still two days left for one of the most well respected festivals in the world. Tickets are available via the ticket booth at Hart Plaza, where the event is held, as well as online at this link

Check out the brief picture tour below, and check back for a full detailed review later in the week.

Day 1 Picture Tour:

Carl Craig with Jon Dixon and Niko Marks- Performing a hybrid live set with live renditions of classics such as Strings of Life by Derrick May


Too Short in top performance shape, worked through what seemed like an endless amount of songs, and wowed the crowd with pin point lyrical accuracy and a vibe to match

Ed Rush and Optical with their patented Drum N Bass sound, destroyed the dancefloor and did not stop.

Luciano with the peace sign for the D.

The Pyramid Stage with Detroit Skyrscrapers in the background

The Renaissance Center sets the backdrop for Detroit’s Movement Festival.

Check back later for more updates, see you at the fest!

Hart Plaza – Dodge Fountain

Thursday May 24th

DEQ Magazine Roll Out Party @ 2905 Beaufait w/ Lafleur, Big Strick, Jesse Cory, Craig Gonzales, Kevin Reynolds

House Music DJ Battle Series @ MIX w/ Craig Alexander vs Walter Glasshouse, Bruce Bailey, DJ Magic, Ash Lauryn, Prixmatic

Summer Sessions @ Exodus w/ Worthy, Chuck Flask b2b Andrea Ghita, ADMN

Fog 4.5 @ The Works w/ Tim Baker, Sergio Santos, Ryan Dahl, Dru Ruiz, David Powers, and many more

Residents night @ TV Lounge

CRAFT @ Grasshopper – Nightenjin Takeover w/ Pat Osirus, Pete Quest and more

Friday May 25th

Bang Tech 12 Anniversary @ Bookies w/ Sean Rudiman (live), Drivetrain, DJ Seoul, DJ Psycho, Benji Hayes, T Linder, DJ Psycho, DJ Roach, and many more – Starts at 4pm

DJ Dan @ Briggs Rooftop w/ Sonya Alvarez, Henry Brooks, Pressed and Proper, Just Alexander, Ghita Sisters, Daniels Jack, Players Club, Pig Pen, Mona Black, Adam Westing, and more

Techno Art Gallery @ 5101 Trumbull w/ Alan Oldham and Abdul Haqq

Modern Cathedrals: Eden 4 w/ Anastasia Kristensen Headless Horseman (live) Deepchord (live) Evigt Mörker Clay Wilson (live), Alstadt Echo (live)

Live Modular Show @ Apparatus Room w/ Komprezzor, Monix, Amnesiac

Music Gallery Eight @ Artist Village Detroit

Jesse Saunders @ Tires w/ Chip E, Joh Collins, MIke Agent X Clark, Troy Redmond b2b Dopke

Viva La Resistance @ Motor City Wine w/ Blair French, Haz Mat, Lafleur, Moonlighter, Peter Croce, Ponthchartain

Blank Code : Function (live) @ The Works w/ Dustin Zahn, Karl Meier, Mike Gervais, Anthony Jimenez, Centrific, Christian James, Gabi, Andy Fitton, Dave Eckblad, Rachel Palmer

DEMC Week Closeout Party @ DIME w/ DJ OP Miller, Alton Miller, DJ Holographic, Gia, Nick Speed, and more

Night Logistics @ Leland City Club w/ Cervello Elettronico (live), Komprezzor (live), Fluxion A/D (live), Iconian (live), Xanna, Composuresquad, and many more

10 years of No. 19 Music @ Magic Stick w/ Art Department, Kenny Larkin, Terrence Dixon, Ryan Crosson, Nitin, Teeloo

Fit Sound @ Menjo’s w/ Fit Siegel, Davide Gualandi

Grace @ Temple Bar w/ Ladymonix and Rimarkable

Alton Miller @ Whisky Parlor w/ Seth Carter, Vincent Patricola

Patio Loco @ 3rd Street w/ Ryan Dahl, Aboudi Issa, Pilar Cote, PRGRM, FrancescoeMarcello

Prelude @ Northern Lights Lounge w/ Tim Baker, Punisher, Sergio Santos, Jeremy Poling, Sutter, Atnarko, and many more

Frequenza Records Showcase @ Whiskey Disco w/ Wolf Story, Soul Goodman, Jason Patrick and more

The GET DOWN @ Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe w/ One Five, John AD, DJ Emmett, Earl Mixxin McKinney, DJ Righteous, Notsonice

Wongo & OMNOM @ Grasshopper 

Confessions @ Bleu w/ NOIR, Anthony Attalla

House Party @ Ant Hall w/ J House, Masquenda, illingsworth, Lord Gully

Saturday May 26th

Movement Electronic Music Festival @ Hart Plaza

Texture @ Marble Bar w/ Danny Daze, Lena Willikens, Randomer, Dr Rubenstein, Gilb’R, Olin, Shady P, Jacob Park, Turtle Bugg, Soren, Darwin

House of Efunk @ TV Lounge w/ Soul Clap, LTJ Bukem, Egyptian Lover w/ Brian Ellis, Dam Funk, Tony Humprhies, Stacey Pullen, Tom Trago, Frankie Bones, Scott Grooves, Patrice Scott, Jayda G, HAZ MAT (live), Javonntte, Garrett, Pontchartrain, Punisher, Dan Bain, Peter Croce

Tresor.Klubnacht @ Tangent Gallery w/ Alexander Kowalski (live), Hakim Murphy (live), Mark Broom, Johanna Knutsson, DisX3, Andrew Red hand, and more

Tresor.313 @ Tangent Gallery w/ Anthony Shake Shakir, Dasha Rush, Daniel Bell, Noncompliant, Mareena, Claude Young, Adam X, Silent Servant, Marcellus Pittman, FIT Siegel, Handmande, Justin Aulis Long

Shipfaced Boat Party @ 1340 E Atwater St, Detroit w/ Eyes Everywhere b2b JK, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Mikey Lion, Porky – A Desert Hearts Takeover

Deep Detroit #10 / NDATL 10 Year Anniversary @ Red Door Digital w/ Kai Alce and Derrick May

Ocotpus Records Showcase @ Bleu w/ Sian & Marc Houle, Carlo Lio, Lee K, Juheun Lice, Shelly Johannson, Michelle Sparks

Detroit Love @ Magic Stick w/ Luciano, Carl Craig, Greg Gow, Wajeed, Al Ester

Dirtybird Afterparty @ Masonic Temple 

Mike Huckaby and Rick Wade @ Whiskey Disco

Maceo Plex @ Leland Hotel w/ Ida Engberg

Soul Skate 2018 @ Northland Skating Rink w/ DJ Narsistic, DJ Arson

Vinyl Days @ Whisky Parlor w/ Crate Digga, BLK_OUT, Dretraxx, Pablo R Ruiz

Exhibit 3000: Detroit House @ Redbull Radio

Club Toilet @ Menjo’s w/ Justin Cudmore, Jason Kendig, Turtle Bugg, and many more

Feelin Real Good @ 1480 Gratiot w/ Scott Z, Jef Risk, Haute To Death, Charles Trees, Ladylike, Frankie Banks and more. Day Party

Sunday May 27th

Movement Electronic Music Festival @ Hart Plaza 

A U X E T I C @ Mix w/ Sinistarr and DJ Jalen

Sunday Morning Slap @ Northern Lights w/ Greco, Ghostea, Grensta, Daniels Jack, Sonya Alvarez and more

Clave House Presents: Elixir 2018 @ Briggs w/ Appian, Berndt, Kevin mcq, David Marroquin, and more

Drunk Brunch @ MIX w/ Grensta, Tombz b2b John Summit, Players Club b2b Foodfight, Discreet Disco, DJ Lynda Carter

Just Add Water | Visionquest Boat Party w/ Lee Curtisss and Ryan Crosson @ 1340 E Atwater St, Detroit, MI

Excursions @ Baltimore Gallery w/ Marcellus Pittman, Uchikawa, Heiroglyphic Being, Radius, Cordell Johnson, James Vincent

Interface Scene 2018 @ The Works w/ VRIL, Kr!s, Cell Injection, I Murdered (live), Hyperactive, Sophia Saze, Milkplant, Sebastian Bayne, Dani Lehman, Project 313, Joe Sousa, Cesar Acosta

OK COOL @ TV Lounge w/ Eats Everything, Ardalan, Delano Smith, Ralph Lawson, Comsin TRG, Eddie C, Ataxia, Mr Joshooa, and many more

Country Club Disco – Warehouse Afterparty @ Russell Induistrial Center w/ Chris Lake, Justin Jay, Yotto, Cut Snake, Dillon Nathaniel

Sampled 16 @ Marble Bar w/ Riva Starr, Kenny Glasgow, Harvard Bass, Mark Farina, Andres, Rick Wilhite, Chuck Daniels, Hazmat, DJ Holographic, and many more

Return To Raw @ Motor City Wine w/ Jon Dixon, Niko Marks

North Lake (live) @ POP Offworld w/ Heidy P, Gustav Brovold, Dave Anger – No Cover

Tec-Troit @ The Works 7am-4pm

Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann @ Masonic Temple w/ Luke Hess

Origins @ Magic Stick w/ Kevin Saunderson b2b Kink, Octave One, DJ Minx, The Saunderson Brothers, Kweku Saunderson

The Do-Over Detroit @ Belt Alley 2pm-10pm

Day Life @ Motor City Wine w/ Chez Damier, Demuir, Iz + Diz – Day Party

Vinyl Days @ Whisky Parlor w/ Nandi, John Joseph, Max Daley, Greg Mudge

No Way Back @ Tangent Gallery w/ Patrick Russell, BMG, Erika, Mike Servito

Monday May 28th

Movement Electronic Music Festival @ Hart Plaza 

Move It or Lose It @ Olympus Theatre (warehouse next to Menjo’s) w/ Masahiko Uchikawa, Gary Chandler, Max Gardner, TYLR, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Darryl G, Walter Glasshouse, Sleezy Hamilton, Air DMG, Sxxysauce, Gia, and many more

Lee Curtiss + friends @ Exodus Rooftop

Daylight Showcase @ Gold Cash Gold Patio w/ John Collins, Moppy, Isaac Prieto

Staub @ TV Lounge

Anthology @ Leland Hotel w/ Juan Atkins, Terrence Parker, Scan 7, DJ MoReese

ModdRAW @ Masonic Temple w/ Dubfire, Hito, Nicole Moudaber

Bang On The Rooftop @ Briggs w/ Bruce Bailey, Big Rob Martinez, Phil Tha Mixx, Prizmatik, Vernell Byrd, One Five, Pierre Reynolds, George Jackson and more

Technocity @ Exodus Rooftop w/ Nick Speed b2b Sheefy McFly

Country Club Disco 5 @ The Works w/ Codes, Eyes Everywhere, Option 4, Dillon Nathaniel, Option 4, Sonya Alvarez, and many more

Blu Party @ Level Two Bar & Rooftop w/ Doc Martin, Kenny Glasgow, Christian Martin b2b Worthy, Nitin, Syndney Blu, Soul Goodman, Dabura b2b Derek Specs, and more

Vinyl Days @ Whisky Parlor w/ Julian Kendall, Tink Thomas, Jakob Harris

MGUN @ POP Offworld w/ Adrian Rew, Adult Contemporary

The Bunker @ Tangent Gallery w/ Jane Fitz, Eric Cloutier, Function, Adam X, Mike Servito, Bryan Kasenic

Last Man Standing @ TV Lounge w/ Antwon Faulkner, Asher Perkins, Patrick Brauitgan

Hot Mass’ LOT MASS @ Tangent Gallery w/ CL, Ciel, Chris Cruse, Jeffrey Sfire, resom, Titonton Duvante, Tony Fairchild

Assimilate @ The Works w/ JGarrett, IX Kaiell, Lindsey Herbert, Rubidim, Sebastian Veytia, Tanya Leigh

House Gallery’s Annual Memorial Day Soiree @ Motor City Wine w/ Jesse Saunders, Uchikawa, Claus Bachor, DJ Denouement, Detune and Smith, J Garcia, Jay Ramsey, Adam Francecsconi

Plastic Dreams Detroit @ Southwest Detroit location TBA

Tuesday May 29th

Techno Tuesday @ PJ’s Lager House w/ John Collins

The Morning After @ TV Lounge w/ Mister Joshooa, Mindy, Duke Shin and more

DJ Skurge @ POP Offworld w/ Isaac Prieto

Friday May 18th

Extended Happy Hour @ Mudgie’s Patio w/ Andy Toth and Greg Mudge

John Ryan’s Disco Sludge Factory @ Northern Lights

Trippy Ass Technologies w/ Christian Martin and Lenny Kiser @ Grasshopper

Body Worx @ Temple Bar w/ BMG, Dretraxx
Claude Young @ Donovan’s w/ Rex Bravo, TYLR, Tyler Lind

Saturday May 19th

Delano Smith and Eddie Fowlkes @ Grasshopper w/ DJ Holographic and Walter Glasshouse

Ryan Spencer b2b Ben Mason @ Temple Bar w/ Kels Davison, Jerry Downey

Afters @ TBA w/ Kevin Reynolds and Dru Ruiz

Sunday May 20th

Flower Day @ 37th Shield Division Gallery (Eastern Market) w/ Crate Digga, Steve Drones, DJ Rec, Jyarsch, DJ Pia, Deon Jamar

DEMC Workshop w/ John Collins, Michael Fotias, Scott Go-Go Gordon @ Submerge

Monday May 21st

Women’s Music Workshop @ DIME – Detroit Electronic Music Camp  (directed by Stacey Hotwaxx Hale). Featuring Mother Cyborg, Minx, etc…

Slow Jams @ Woodbridge Pub

Tuesday May 22nd

Rebecca Goldberg @ POP Offworld w/ Isaac Prieto

Wednesday May 23rd

DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham and DJ Psycho @ Grasshopper w/ Walter Glasshouse and Zen Zero – Wide-Eyed Wednesdays- No Cover

Deep House Disco @ Bosco