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Ahhhhhh…..Mondays at Movement. For me it’s always been kind of a mix between chilling out from the weekends debauchery mixed with an odd sadness that I have to wait 362 days until I can repeat this again. Good thing the music was on point.

Got down to Hart Plaza a little later in the day due to having an awesome night prior at Detroit vs. London.  Hats off to all those who put on or were present at this party, it was fucking spectacular. First things first, we made it down to the Beatport Stage, which for the most part, was my techno mecca throughout most of the weekend. Subb-an was dropping some deep house and techno dopeness, and provided me the musical boost I needed to start my day.

I wandered around Hart Plaza despite the heat, checked out Made In Detroit and Main Stages, but found myself drawn back to Beatport for The Martinez Brothers. Now, at the Detroit Techno House, we love these dudes. We’ve been peeping their sets whenever they’re in town for the past couple years, and these guys know how to throw down some proper music. The unique blend of tech-house that the Martinez Brothers always bring is awesome and of course they had me on my feet.

Next up, we made our way to the Redbull stage for araabMUSIK. I’ve been peeping this guy’s skills on Youtube for a minute now, and I have to say, he does not disappoint live.  Straight up MPC madness that had the crowd completely jumping, this set was definitely one of my highlights of the weekend. If you missed this, you really missed out.

I managed to catch bits and pieces of Chris Liebing and Stacey Pullen, and watched Kevin Saunderson destroy a crowd with a remix of “Perculator”: all great sets that made for some enjoyable evening wandering.

I ended my evening catching a slice of Jeff Mills set. I’ve gotten mixed reviews from friends who stayed for the duration, but from what I heard, something was jacked as hell with the sound the whole time. I’m not sure if it was the worn wax that Mr. Mills was playing or that the speakers were destroyed from a weekend of abuse, but there was something surely amiss.

Overall, musically this was a great festival. Lots of good sets by an eclectic mix of electronic artists made for a fantastic Memorial Weekend. Thank you to Paxahau for the media access and to all the people that made this an memorable way to spend this past weekend.

After an awesome Saturday of musical delights, the momentum carried right on into Sunday for another beautiful day in Detroit. The music was on point once again, and the energy and vibe from the crowd this year has been totally amazing.

I made sure to get myself there on time to catch Tiger and Woods, and I was not disappointed. I have been blasting the shit out of these guys for the last year, and they are up on my list of the dopest producers in the edit/nu-disco/house genre right now. They brought the heat to the Redbull stage, and got the afternoon disco crowd on their feet.

After a visit to the Hart Plaza biergarten (totally awesome to be able to get a craft beer at the festival this year) we made sure to check out Maceo Plex at the Beatport stage.  As always, Beatport was jumping as hell and Maceo Plex was tearing up the deep house hotness. Really glad I caught this set! Beatport was kind of my afternoon hangout, and I had to make sure to stick around for Ian Pooleys dose of techno insanity that carried us into the evening.



Next up, we headed over to the Main Stage to watch Loco Dice kill it. He has come to be an absolute crowd favorite every year, and fir one main reason: dude knows how to bring a proper set.  This year was awesome as always, but the energy kind of died with the end of Loco Dices’ set. Don’t get me wrong: Public Enemy is one the most amazing, talented groups in hip-hop history, but their show was tainted by a reality show jaded frontman who really did nothing but make a lot of shameless plugs and totally killed the vibe. It was afterparty time.

After a lot of bad noise and wasted money at a party that shall remain nameless, our crew ended up at 45 Grand River for Detroit vs London. All I can say is wow. Great vibes, banging music, and lots of good friends in a venue that was old school as they come: proper.

Hey world.  DJ Chris Macom here. The first day of this years Movement festival is done and gone and my brain can’t help but resinate with its songs. Mark Farina was the first artist I saw after walking through the gates and he started out the day quite great and put a smile on my face. With a blend of hip-hop, jazz, soul, disco, and house his “Mushroom Jazz” set was smooth, deep, and bumping. A perfect start to the weekend.


After a jaunt, meetups with friends, and some Slow’s mac and cheese, I headed down to the bowl area to check out Todd Terje. I recently have been spinning some of his productions lately, so I was decently excited to peep his set out this year.  He definitely brought the heat out. Grooving nu-disco and deep house beats got us dancing our asses off. I looked next to my friend Chase and said, “Damn, its so funky up in here”. He agreed. After Terje, Derrick Carter went on at the main stage. Saying his set was amazing would be an understatement. It was pumping and had the whole crowd rocking.  His mixing was god like and this set was an education for everyone. I took many mental notes. If you missed this, I am deeply sorry. I wish I could have cloned myself so I could watch him and David Squillace though who was simultaneously rocking the Beatport stage at that time. I caught him for a quick minute and got some great video. It left me wishing that I would have saw a little more of his performance.


Next I was led to the pyramid stage to switch up my mix between the Beatport stage and the Main stage. I was very excited to check out Roni Size. Before he went on I was watching the dude before him, SBTRKT. This must be something the kids are into these days, because I saw some young chicks singing the lyrics to one his songs. I expected it to be puss soup as I was walking towards the stage but it wasn’t. Thank god. It kind of reminded me of 2-step garage only spaced out with deeper bass. I thought it was cool and different and it made me realize that I now live in the future. After SBTRKT, Roni Size went on and killed it. Made me reminisce of the jungle scene and swamp bass drops. The tracks he was spinning were super fast and bass heavy. It sounded like Jungle only slightly evolved and better produced. He did drop the occasional puss soup breakdown but left it at that, a breakdown. He didn’t hang out too much in “that style” for very long before rocking back into drum & bass. People were going nuts for him. He had the crowd going absolutely insane. It was a sight to see.


Overall the first day of the festival was a success. There was good music coming from every stage and the vibe was a good one. I hope they keep up the momentum for the rest of the weekend. Please check back with us throughout the weekend and follow our twitter feed for live updates(@dtechnohouse). Peace out!